quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013


Next Monday starts the classes. I'm tired just to think about this. I'd prefer don't back, but is something that I can't choose. These days I'm reading more, and it's making me so happy, it's good travel in other worlds and meet new people and this is also helping me to write better and have more good ideas. Now I'm reading Rapture by Lauren Kate, it's an amazing book, I'm loving! And my list of books don't stop, I have so much more to read after.
I'm a little upset with somethings, everyday seems that my life is falling down and I'm falling with it. On the one hand, I'm glad to forget Raul and follow my heart to a new possibilities. I know that my enchanted for him is a consequence of my loneliness that is ending (Thank God!) and I won't have a hard work to leave him behind. But, on other hand, day by day I'm feeling more sad and it's unbelieveable the way that I can't put myself down... I really have to stop it. I Hate BRAZIL! I really hate.
Well guys, it's just this that I have to say for now...

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